About me

I'm a veterinarian. I've specialized in and loved emergency medicine and critical care for years. I work in the heart of an urban referral hospital, caring for the sickest of the sick pets. A few years ago I invited an endearing little mixed-breed rescue dog into my home. Behind that adorable mug lurked a behaviour disaster. She was a case study in behaviour problems; fear of big dogs and strangers, housetraining issues, food and bed guarding, separation anxiety and chasing everything on wheels, including skateboards, wagons and buses. You would think a vet would know how to fix this stuff, but truth is, training and behaviour take a back seat in the vet curriculum crammed with heavyweights like anatomy, physiology and pathology. So, I set out to broaden my education.

I started by studying with Jean Donaldson, one of the best in the field of canine behaviour and owner counseling, graduating from her 2 year course in the Academy for Dog Trainers. I immersed myself in the veterinary behaviour community and studied the behaviour literature, texts and journals. I layered all of this onto the neurology, physiology and medicine I use every day in my critical care job.

Armed with a wealth of veterinary experience to understand the interplay of medicine and behaviour, a solid understanding of normal and abnormal canine behaviour, proven and safe behaviour modification techniques, along with familiarity with the common pharmaceuticals used in select cases, now I love helping people with their dog's behaviour problems.